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In the following links you may find Elma's events Menus

  Combined cocktail: stops and pass around 

  Power lunch served at the table

  Day conventions at Elma

  Beverages menu for business, events, conventions, and hotel groups 

  Beverages bar menu for family gatherings                        

  Menu for hotel groups & conventions                             

  Event with service - frontal stations                             

  Dairy brunch for shabbat chatan or seudat shlisheet                                   

  A meal inspired by Italian appetizers                             

  A meal from Spain                                                      

  Asian meal
  A meal inspired by Druze Cuisine

  Outdoor lunch in the gardens and terraces of Elma

  Buffet lunch or dinner menu

  Shabbat (Saturday) & Jewish holidays buffet

  Cocktail & party menu

  Cocktail & party menu with deserts & beverage

  Premium cocktail & party menu

  Premium cocktail & party menu with deserts & beverage

  Super Premium Bar

  Premium Bar

  Classic Bar