Power Lunch Served at the Table

Sliced homemade whole-wheat bread
Assortment of tapas served on small plates
Ceviche of sea fish with tomatoes, baby radish,
green onion, Mexican jalapeno paste,
olive oil & freshly-squeezed lime juice
Aged sirloin carpaccio with pesto, peanuts,
chilli & coriander, nut oil and lemon
Strips of lightly smoked chicken breast served over
a roasted eggplant with tehina, date honey, toasted pine nuts &
purslane leaves on tabouleh salad
Green leaves salad with almonds in a citrus vinigrette
Main course
Chicken thighs marinated in mustard, anise & lemon
served with boiled asparagus, toasted green wheat &
forest mushrooms
Grilled Seabream fillet served with baked
vegetables & salad
Vegetarian option : lentil, tofu & onion burger on a rye or corn
flour bun, Tofu cream paste, tomato & lettuce leaves
A variety of sorbets made by Elma’s Confectionery
Sliced seasonal fruits
Granola and raisins cookies
Mineral water, soda & mint lemonade