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Lowest Price Guarantee Policy

1.      Lowest Price Guarantee 
1.1.MusicArt Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”), the owner and operator of the Elma Hotel (hereinafter: "Elma"), undertakes to sell to its customers on the website at www.elmahotel.co.il(hereinafter: the “Website”), a vacation consisting of bed and breakfast in Elma Hotel (hereinafter: the “Vacation”), at the lowest price including taxes (hereinafter: the “Lowest Price Guarantee”), of all prices for the same vacation displayed on websites offering hospitality in hotels (hereinafter: “Websites Offering Hospitality in Hotels”).
1.2.The Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to a regular sale at official prices. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to sale of vacations in the framework of special offers, or in the case of a sale that includes discounts to members of customer clubs and members of consumer clubs or to loyalty or remuneration plans, or due to sale to organizations, or in the framework of benefits to credit card holders, or to sale of rooms by a website which does not state the vacation location in advance.
1.3.The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to Elma's other services which are not a vacation consisting of bed and breakfast in the hotel, such as tickets for shows, spa treatments, meals in the Oratorio restaurant etc.
1.4.A private customer (an individual not a business and/or a corporation and/or a partnership) who completed his booking for a Vacation on Elma's Website and received confirmation of the booking and/or a who is interested in making a booking for a Vacation on the Elma Website (hereinafter: a “Customer”), and who discovered an identical vacation to the one he/she ordered at the Elma Hotel at a cheaper price on another Websites Offering Hospitality in Hotels (a price in NIS including VAT), which consists of the same type of room, same level of hospitality, for the same number of people, for the same dates (including time of check in and check out), with the same payment terms and same terms of cancellation, may contact the Company by email: reservations@elmahotel.co.il within 24 hours from the time the booking was made on Elma's Website, and no later than 24 hours before the date of the Vacation (hereinafter: the “Application”).
1.5.The offer being examined must be valid online at the time of the examination carried out by Elma’s bookings department.
1.6.The Application must include a valid online link to an official Websites Offering Hospitality in Hotels which displays a cheaper price than the price on Elma's Website for the same type of hospitality, as well as the Customer’s contact details.
1.7.The Company undertakes to examine the application, and in the event that it will find that an identical vacation, with the same hospitality characteristics as stated in Section 1.4 above, is being offered for sale on another website at a cheaper price, the Company undertakes to match the price, to update the Customer’s booking and to collect the lower price for the hotel stay from the Customer (hereinafter: the “Booking Update”), or to cancel the transaction and to credit the Customer with no cancellation fees, all in accordance with the Company’s sole discretion.
1.8.It is clarified that the Company has the right to check and verify the Customer’s claim, directly with the bidder of the identical vacation. A price check as aforementioned will be carried out according to the Company’s discretion.
1.9.For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the aforementioned Booking Update, as stated in Section 1.7 above, will be given personally to the Customer only, and this right may not be transferred to another person.
2.      Applicability of the Terms of Use of the Elma Website
2.1.This Policy constitutes an integral part of the terms of use on Elmas' Website (hereinafter: “Terms of Use” published at the address:
2.2.In the case of any contradiction between this policy and the Terms of Use, the provisions of this Policy shall prevail.
2.3.The terms of this Policy may change from time to time in accordance with the Company’s discretion.
2.4.The Company’s liability according to this Policy is subject to that determined in Section 34 of the Terms of Use.
3.      General Provisions
3.1.The Company is permitted to terminate or change this Policy at any time, according to its sole discretion and with no need to provide preliminary notice, provided however that the rights of those who made a booking with it prior to the change are not impaired. The Company will not bear any liability toward the users or toward any third party whatsoever if it should terminate the Policy, for a limited period of time or completely, for any reason whatsoever.
3.2.This Policy does not create any undertaking whatsoever of the Company toward a user which is not expressly specified in these general terms above or in the provisions of the Terms of Use .
3.3.Any fault and/or error and/or delay which stems from an event that is not under control of the Company and/or the operator of the website will not be considered as a breach of the provisions of this Policy and will not entitle the user to any relief and/or right and/or remedy.
3.4.The Company’s records, systems and the systems of anyone on its behalf will constitute conclusive evidence regarding the users’ details, their bookings and/or their requests to the Company.
3.5.In the event of a suspicion for misuse and/or fraud and/or unlawful use when booking a vacation on the website and/or if the Customer did not fulfill the terms of this Policy in their entirety, the Company is permitted not to approve the user’s Application for a Booking Update.
3.6.This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance to the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction for disputes which may arise in connection with this Policy is vested exclusively with the competent courts in the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.