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Our iconic main building was constructed in 1968 as the Mivtachim Sanatorium and gained worldwide recognition for its innovative design, earning architect Yaacov Rechter the prestigious Israel Award for Architecture in 1973. With its clean white lines, exposed concrete, and unadorned geometrical shapes, the building embodied the essence of 1960s Israeli design. The form of the two-story structure is wavelike, following the curve of the mountain it sits atop. Additionally, the raised units create the impression that the building is floating, leading the Israel Award jury to observe, “The building provides a rare example of an architecture that synthesizes the earth and the sky.”
Purchased by Lily Elstein in 2005, the building was the centerpiece of her vision to create a world-class center for the arts and boutique hotel. Under the guidance of Amnon Rechter, Yaakov Rechter’s son, a team was assembled to restore the building according to the original plans and original materials to add two state-of-the-art concert halls and art galleries.