Event with Service – Frontal Stations

Assorted Snacks distributed by waiters
(choice of 6 snacks)
Fish: Fried strips of fish with spicy tomato aioli &
beetroot fries / Mullet fillet with white beans, red onion &
olive oil / Tunisian Tuna Tataki & poached quail egg / Ceviche
with baby radish, tomatoes, chili & red onion / Fresh Salmon
carpaccio & baby garden leaves salad
Meat: Beef tartar with red wine & mustard / Tataki fillet of beef
in ponzu sauce with sticky rice / Lamb chop, pickled artichoke &
polenta / Cigar-shaped hors d’oeuvre with sweetbreads,
leek & sweet pepper cream / Seared veal & mushroom Dim Sum
with sweet soy sauce / Lamb kebab with raw tehina & pine nuts
/ Beef carpaccio with garlic confit & balsamic vinegar / Veal
tortellini in broth / Barbequed lamb spare ribs with
peach (sous vide)
Chicken: Duck breast in a beer & honey sauce / Yakitori mallard
in honey & garlic / Yakitori chicken saté with peanuts / Yakitori
pullet / Goose liver served warm / Chicken liver pate / Sashimi
of goose liver in salt
Individually prepared dishes from the chef’s station
(choice of 4 dishes)
Veal escalope served with silky potato puree, forest mushrooms
Aged, New York steak served with fried gnocchi,
roasted endive, tomato raisins & whiskey sauce
Entrecote hamburger served on toasted brioche,
béarnaise and salad of beetroot & nuts
“Black Angus” Entrecote steak, majadra with
wheat & mung bean, roasted vegetables
Roasted beef fillet with baby artichoke &
baby potatoes in mustard sauce
Roasted goose leg with plums &
light miso with sticky rice
Roasted veal liver with polenta, portobello mushrooms & broth
Chicken breast in lemon and basil with gnocchi,
asparagus & white wine
Barbequed veal spare ribs with fresh corn cream
Lamb chops a la Provencal with basil shpetzale
Fillet of Seabream/Mullet/Striped Bass with porcini risotto
Fillet of fresh Salmon with
Hollandaise sauce & roasted vegetables
All stations will include side dishes
Green salad with nuts, vegetable antipasti, finely chopped fresh
vegetable salad & a selection of homemade bread
A rich assortment of hot and cold sweets & pastries
Mineral water, mint lemonade, orange juice,
White & red wine, Espresso made by our Barista from fresh
coffee beans, tea, herbal & fruit tea infusions