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Exhibitions at Elma

When I first visualized the Elma Arts Complex, I imagined an open-space museum, full of motion. I wanted the first impression it left on visitors to be of an art venue imbued with the contemporary spirit of our art. Therefore, the architects were asked to design spaces in line with this vision. There are three galleries in Elma, specifically designed for the presentation of visual art in all its variety. They are equipped with up-to-date video and electronic systems and a sophisticated lighting system, they may be divided to fit the changing needs of the works on view, and offer diverse modes of installation. In addition to the galleries, art is displayed in all the public areas within Elma, from the entrance hall via the large hallways, coffee shop and artist
studios, to the first-floor corridors designed by Architect Yacov Rechter to be filled with natural, indirect light, which is perfect for the exhibition of art. All these spaces offer a variety of display modes for contemporary Israeli artists, both in visual and performance art, such as music, theater or dance. This is an apt expression of the cultural interdisciplinarity which is at the very heart of the Elma Arts Complex.
Lily Elstein
Founder, Elma Arts Complex