Beatlemania - Magical Mystery Tour

Beatlemania is a huge and exciting show with all the Beatles' great songs and albums. The wonder Magical Mystery Tour band, which is known as "the Beatles' ambassador in Israel," presents a tribute to the Beatles: a nostalgic, energetic and moving concert that combines the Beatles' greatest hits of all times in all styles. They recreate the Beatles' sound – with the band's instruments, their unique harmony, their clothing and their unique atmosphere. Among the songs, "Hey Jude," "Let It Be," "Twist and Shout," "A Hard Day's Night," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "Yesterday" - and all their greatest and most beloved hits.

Vocals and guitar: Oron Koritchoner | Bass and vocals: Ofer Pop Koren | Guitar and vocals: Shiko Feldman | Keyboard and vocals: Kobi Sandhouse | Drums: Assaf Reiss
Date Saturday, 31 March 2018
Start 21:00
Price NIS90