Avtipus -

A celebration for rock fans: Avtipus, one of the outstanding bands of the 1990s Israeli rock scene, renewed its activity in 2015. The band has left its mark with a large number of hits, including "Leave Me Room to Hug You," "Good Morning World," "Distress," "The Boy Turned 16," and many others, all played often to this day.
Now Avtipus is returning with a new concert, which includes these favorites along with songs from their latest album, "A Notice to Time Travelers," and entirely new songs.
"A refreshing sequence of new songs … the sparkle in their eyes … the audience went wild …" (Tomer Peleg, Yedioth Ahronoth); "Electrifying dramatic expression …" (Yossi Harsonski); "An admirable burst of creativity" (Keren Neubach, Reshet Bet Radio).

Vocals and acoustic guitar: Eyal Schechter | Electric guitar and vocals: Amir Ben David | Keyboard: Tal Yaniv | Bass: Tal Levi | Drums: Boaz Wolf
Date Thursday, 12 April 2018
Hall The Cube
Start 21:00
Price NIS100