Si Heiman
Si Heiman -

Blue Rock 'n' Roll – the 30th anniversary of "Gibor Gadol"
A nighttime rock concert with unique renditions of songs from Si Heiman's nine albums, headed by the exciting hit "Gibor Gadol," which she wrote and sang with the Lehaka Mekomit band exactly 30 years ago – as well as new songs.
Si Heiman, a singer who is a total performer, is embarking on a personal journey, close to her audience, and for the first time in her life will play some of her songs on the piano in a live performance.
The concert will also include: the debut performance of a new song, "Kakha Pashut," which she wrote for her late father Nachum Heiman in his final hours, on Tu b'Shvat last year. Si will be accompanied by singer-songwriter Elad Shudler, who has shared a long and fascinating musical journey with her, and even wrote the music and text for her most recent singles.
Guitar and vocals: Elad Shudler I Harmonica, keyboard and vocals: Si Heiman
Date Friday, 13 April 2018
Start 22:00
Price NIS80