Yehonatan Geffen
Yehonatan Geffen - Unanswered Phone Calls

Approx. 1 hour 15 mins without intermission

Over 40 years ago Yehonatan Geffen staged "Zeh Hakol Beintayim, Beintayim Zeh Hakol" (That's All For the Time Being), followed by other performances with songs and music that speak for anyone trying to remain sane in the crazy Israeli reality.
His new show, "Sihot Shelo Na'anu" (Unanswered Phone Calls) tries to reply to all those who receive no answers, to embrace the audience with new and old monologues – not standup, but only "stand," and with the dangerous, funny and non-politically correct things that can be said only onstage without censorship, without fear and without frightening anyone.

Artistic direction: Dror Nahum | With Yehonatan onstage: Vered Picard, Mika Karni, Yonatan Artzi

Date Thursday, 01 March 2018
Hall The Cube
Start 21:00
Price NIS130