• Elstein Galleries

Elstein Galleries

The Elstein Galleries are three expansive spaces designed to show works by artists from Israel and all over the world. Flexible lighting systems, modular designs, 750 square meters of exhibit space and complete climate control allow for the display of sculptures, paintings and installations of almost any size and style. Located on the upper level of the main building and with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, they are the very heart of our arts complex.
The three exhibition halls vary in nature and scale. With its dramatic landscape vistas, Elstein Gallery One encourages communion with the natural world outside. Elstein Gallery Two is a fully enclosed white space that focuses attention exclusively to the art on display. And Elstein Gallery Three is a smaller space aglow with natural light.
Our galleries’ design and capabilities make them among the finest spaces of their kind in the world. They offer an environment that effortlessly recedes into the background, allowing the art displayed within to speak to the viewer with both power and intimacy.

  Elstein Galleries floor plan