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Elma Hall

Lovers of music will find a lot to love in Elma Hall. A 450-seat concert and recital hall designed by world-renowned Arup/Artec Consultants of New York, this space has been created with every feature necessary to ensure a breathtaking musical experience: twenty-five acoustic banners along the side walls that allow the space to be acoustically customized for each performance. A modular stage with acoustic curtains and panels that can be used to further fine tune the sound of a performance. These panels also allow for the hall to host multi-disciplinary performances like dance and theatre.
In addition to its acoustic innovations, Elma Hall also features a wide variety of lighting, audio, and video capabilities, a digital projector and cinema screen, and a new pipe organ especially designed and built by Bonn-based Orgelbau Klais.
  • 450-seat capacity
  • Designed for acoustic excellence
  • Orchestra pit for complex productions

  Elma Hall floor plan

  Elma Hall seating chart