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Accommodation and a pair of tickets for the performance: Chava sings, Shlomi plays 13-15 February, 2

One night’s accommodation for two people, including 2 tickets for a performance by Chava Alberstein and Shlomi Shaban - Chava sings, Shlomi plays. Chava and Shlomi began talking about a collaboration three years ago, embarking on a joint musical journey that sees them dive into Chava's extensive repertoire to retrieve true treasures. Part of the adventure lies in the fulfilment of Shlomi's desire to go back to his roots as a classical pianist. Meanwhile, for Chava: "Meeting Shlomi was like being reunited with myself." The result: a performance that lies somewhere between a recital and cabaret theater, featuring classics alongside songs that Chava has either always dreamed of performing but hasn’t recorded, or has never performed: "A show that is simply a masterpiece" (Gal Uchovsky). New price
382 $ night