Combined cocktail: Stops and pass around

First Stop

Lamb and Pasture
Grilled stretch bread, tomato confit,
charred onions, date trickle tahini
and grilled lamb chops

Second Stop

Fishermen’s casserole with saffron and anise,
charred-baked garlic crouton,
Rouille mustard and lemon

Third Stop

Mountain Slope Terraces
A grafting of greens and vegetables,
with citrus sauces and seared tuna

Fourth Stop

Beef and Wine
Fatty sirloin,
Baked bone marrow demi wine
with potato cake and scalded asparagus

Pass Around

Beef Carpaccio in balsamic vinaigrette,
radishes and olive oil
Veal sweetbreads cigars and
a roasted pepper basket
Sweet chicken pastilla