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To give voice and create a home for art and artists – this is the vision that motivated Lily Elstein to found the Elma Arts Complex. The corridors and hallways of Elma showcase works of prominent Israeli artists in natural, bright but never direct lighting, while statues of well-known sculptors stand in interior patios, balconies and exterior footpaths for our guests and visitors to admire. In addition to Elma's own collection, the three expansive Elstein galleries feature changing exhibitions, making the place a living and breathing modern museum. Right from the moment you enter the building, the sense of a place saturated with the contemporary spirit of art engulfs you.

Elma also holds a central place for classical, popular and jazz music, as well as for various types of performance arts, such as theater and dance. Its two halls – the Elma hall and the Cube – are equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics. The halls were designed and built by world-renowned Arup/Artec Consultants of New York. Both are fitted with sophisticated sound and lighting equipment by Waagner Biro, to suit all styles and genres of artistic performance, and both include well appointed dressing rooms.
Elma is also an ideal venue for festivals: the International Mozart Festival, the French La Folle Journée Festival, and the Israeli Majesta Fest – each of which attracts thousands of people in dozens of events.

Elma Hall

The beautiful Elma hall has 450 seats and can also be converted into a full-fledged opera house. Each light fixture and lamp were meticulously examined and approved by Artec-Arup experts, and materials were carefully selected. These include stage boards made of special wood, metal railings, curtains, acoustic panels, opaque doors etc. To maintain absolute silence in the hall, the air conditioning system was buried under its floor. The sound and lighting systems are some of the most advanced in the world. But the hall's real highlight is a 1440-pipe organ made by Klais of Germany. It was built in tandem with the hall itself, and thus fits perfectly to its installation conditions – an unprecedented phenomenon in local concert halls and a rare one in the international arena.

Elma Hall's fame spread both in Israel and internationally thanks to its perfect acoustics, which allow for a crisp listening experience from every corner of. The place is equipped with modular acoustic panels, curtains and screens that can be moved and adjusted according to specific demands. A computer-based system, programmed by Artech-Arup experts, enables technicians to acoustically customize the hall for each recital, theater show or dance performance.
450-seat capacity Designed for acoustic excellence Orchestra pit for complex productions
Elma Hall Specifications
Seating Maps of Elma Hall
Elma Hall Specifications
Seating Maps of Elma Hall

The Cube

The Cube is a 200-seat performance bar, ideal for jazz, rock and small band shows. It has two levels which can be reconfigured into stage or seating areas according to needs. Similar to the Elma hall, the Cube is also equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems that can be adapted to the type and style of the performance. The Cube hosts cabaret shows, dance and theater performances, cello and piano recitals, international jazz and blues concerts, folk and world music, performances by beloved Israeli singers – all in an intimate and warm atmosphere.
The Cube floor plan
The Cube floor plan
150-seat capacity Hours:Open an hour before the performance till midnight Dress code: Casual Intimate, flexible performance space

Elstein Galleries

The Elstein Galleries are three expansive spaces designed to show works by artists from Israel and all over the world. Flexible lighting systems, modular designs, 750 square meters of exhibit space and complete climate control allow for the display of sculptures, paintings and installations of almost any size and style. Located on the upper level of the main building and with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, they are the very heart of our arts complex.

The three exhibition halls vary in nature and scale. With its dramatic landscape vistas, Elstein Gallery One encourages communion with the natural world outside. Elstein Gallery Two is a fully enclosed white space that focuses attention exclusively to the art on display. And Elstein Gallery Three is a smaller space aglow with natural light.
Our galleries’ design and capabilities make them among the finest spaces of their kind in the world. They offer an environment that effortlessly recedes into the background, allowing the art displayed within to speak to the viewer with both power and intimacy.
Elstein Galleries floor plan
Elstein Galleries floor plan


When I first visualized the Elma Arts Complex, I imagined an open-space museum, full of motion. I wanted the first impression it left on visitors to be of an art venue imbued with the contemporary spirit of our art. Therefore, the architects were asked to design spaces in line with this vision. There are three galleries in Elma, specifically designed for the presentation of visual art in all its variety. They are equipped with up-to-date video and electronic systems and a sophisticated lighting system, they may be divided to fit the changing needs of the works on view, and offer diverse modes of installation. In addition to the galleries, art is displayed in all the public areas within Elma, from the entrance hall via the large hallways, coffee shop and artist
studios, to the first-floor corridors designed by Architect Yacov Rechter to be filled with natural, indirect light, which is perfect for the exhibition of art. All these spaces offer a variety of display modes for contemporary Israeli artists, both in visual and performance art, such as music, theater or dance. This is an apt expression of the cultural interdisciplinarity which is at the very heart of the Elma Arts Complex.

Lily ElsteinFounder, Elma Arts Complex

Box Office, Info & Policies

Opening hours:
Sunday – Saturday: 9am – 9pm

On event days the box office will open two hours prior to performance time, and will remain open until the start of the performance.

Online sales: zappa
Phone: *9080

Discounted rates are available for groups of ten or more. Please contact group sales on mail

Hotel guests get a 50% discount on tickets for performances at Shows (except organ recitals)

The Cube
  • doors open an hour and a half before the performance.
  • Seats are not marked.
  • Entrance to The Cube is permitted for children ages 12 and up.
  • Recording and photography of any kind is prohibited.
Elma Hall
  • Seats for patrons in wheelchairs (and their companions) are available.
  • Entrance to Elma Hall is permitted for children ages 5 and up.

Headsets are available free of charge at the ticket counter. Patrons must give ID as deposit.

Late seating is not permitted, and seats for late comers will not be held.

Parking is available on site free of charge.
Elma Hall Section אולם אלמא-חתך
Elma Hall Plan אולם אלמא-מבט על
Elma Hall seating chart אולם אלמא-מפת ישיבה
The Cube Section מועדון הקיוב-חתך
The Cube Plan מועדון הקיוב-מבט על
Elma Arts Complex Technical Specifications אלמא-מפרט ציוד טכני

Subscriptions at Elma

Elma Classic Membership Israel Camerata Jerusalem Membership Elma Hall seating chart We are pleased to announce the launch of Elma Classic season subscriptions which we hope will become a regular feature of the Elma Arts Complex. The brochure, which can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon at the bottom of this page, contains details of various classical music concerts that will be held in*. The concert admission prices in the subscription are competitively priced and reflect the vision of the Elma Arts Complex of making classical music concerts as widely accessible to the general public as possible.
Subscriptions Program
Subscriptions Programה
purchase a season subscription:
Season subscriptions can be bought by calling the Elma box office on:*9080
The box office is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and on Friday and holiday eves from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Gold Season Subscription

price: 950 ₪
Silver Season Subscription

price: 700 ₪
Youth Season Subscription (up to the age of 35)
price: 550₪
price: 440₪