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Kerem hotel Group: Elma Hotel / Gordonia Hotel

Elma | Weddings & Events

Elma | Weddings & Events

Thanks to the spectacular views of the Mediterranean coastline and the Carmel range, Elma offers a unique and charming location for your next event. For example, a magical wedding ceremony on a weekday or a Friday afternoon, with the panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the setting sun as a memorable backdrop.

PURE PRODUCTIONS is a leading wedding production company in Israel, known for creating unique experiences with extraordinary style and attention to detail. With its extensive experience, highest levels of professionalism, and special creative touch, PURE has produced a wide range of private events and weddings, customized to meet each client’s needs

ELMA HOTEL and PURE PRODUCTIONS have joined together to create a breathtaking wedding experience at one of the most beautiful locations in Israel. The goal is to make wedding planning easier, and deliver a world-class, complete solution that exceeds expectations. Choose the date and room package that is suitable for you and arrive like guests to your wedding day: relaxed, refreshed, and ready for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
Prices are set according to the number of guests
Number of Guests Total cost per guest Rooms Price (22 guest rooms) Final Price
150 guests 2000 per person 40,000 Approx. 340,400
200 guests 1750 per person 40,000 Approx. 390,000
250 guests 1550 per person 40,000 Approx. 427,500
300 guests 1450 per person 40,000 Approx. 435,000

Prices are in NIS and include VAT. Final prices for hotel rooms will be set closer to the wedding date; Friday bookings require 2 nights. 

Elma | Equipment & Services
Operational Service
  • A wide and unprecedented range of indoor and outdoor venues for functions and meetings
  • Conventional and alternative furnishing for all types of events and conferences
  • Full logistic support, from planning through production to execution
  • Stage and lighting services for events
  • 3D imaging and sketching services for events and conferences
  • Chef menus and culinary consulting
  • Bar services
  • Musical services for receptions, conferences and events
  • Professional barista services
  • Professional, fast, and responsive service
Event Equipment
  • Elevated platforms
  • Table cloths and napkins
  • 10/18 cutlery WMF
  • Select serving dishes by Villeroy & Boch
  • Glasses for all types of drinks
  • Tables and chairs
  • Alternative furniture
  • Monitors, projectors and microphones
  • Buffet stands for chef stations
  • Dance floor