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Kerem hotel Group: Elma Hotel / Gordonia Hotel

Elma | Elma Hall

Elma | Elma Hall

The beautiful Elma hall has 420 seats and can also be converted into a full-fledged opera house. Each light fixture and lamp were meticulously examined and approved by Artec-Arup experts, and materials were carefully selected. These include stage boards made of special wood, metal railings, curtains, acoustic panels, opaque doors etc. To maintain absolute silence in the hall, the air conditioning system was buried under its floor. The sound and lighting systems are some of the most advanced in the world. But the hall’s real highlight is a 1440-pipe organ made by Klais of Germany. It was built in tandem with the hall itself, and thus fits perfectly to its installation conditions – an unprecedented phenomenon in local concert halls and a rare one in the international arena.

Elma Hall’s fame spread both in Israel and internationally thanks to its perfect acoustics, which allow for a crisp listening experience from every corner of. The place is equipped with modular acoustic panels, curtains and screens that can be moved and adjusted according to specific demands. A computer-based system, programmed by Artech-Arup experts, enables technicians to acoustically customize the hall for each recital, theater show or dance performance.